• Friday August 11,2023
  • 11:08:46
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    African train operator Transnet continues to grapple with challenges in its coal transportation operations, which have been impacted by disputes with Chinese locomotive supplier CRRC. The company's coal transportation has faced disruptions due to traffic jams and a port shutdown at Transnet Port Terminal. Negotiations with CRRC and issues related to tax compliance have contributed to these delays.

  • 11:01:00
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    The central parity rate of the CNY weakened 11 pips to 7.1587 against the USD on Aug 11, according to the China Foreign Exchange Trade System.

  • 10:58:28
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    India's Ministry of Coal has smoothly completed the 7th round of auctions for commercial coal mines. The e-auction of mines began on Aug 1, 2023, culminating in successful trade of all six coal mines on Aug 3, according to an official statement.

  • 10:56:06
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    Coal transportation volume by Russian Railways from Jan to Jul 2023 reached 207.5 Mt, marking a 1.8% rise YoY, the company's news center reported. Coal continues to be the largest commodity transported by Russian Railways, accounting for 28.7% of its total freight transportation volume.

  • 09:31:58
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    China's open-pit coal mines churned out 1.06 Bt of coal in 2022, marking the first time surpassing the threshold of 1 Bt, according to a report from People Daily. By the end-2022, China has a total of 357 opencast mines, with overall production capacity combined at 1.16 billion tonnes and average capacity at 3.25 Mtpa, tripling that of underground mines.

  • Thursday August 10,2023
  • 16:56:56
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    Canada produced 4.26 Mt of coal in May, up 24.4% or 837,000 t YoY but down 4.4% or 198,000 t MoM, showed data from Statistics Canada.

  • 09:52:29
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    India imported 68.30 Mt of coal during Apr-Jun 2023, the first three months of the FY 2023-24, down 1.82% from 69.57 Mt in the same period last year, of which, coking coal imports were 15.89 Mt and non-coking coal imports reached 42.99 Mt, mjunction data showed.

  • Wednesday August 09,2023
  • 15:57:46
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    Mongolia exported 3.14 Mt of iron ore in the first seven months of this year, rising 37.34% YoY, with export earnings up 14.70% YoY to $256 million, showed the latest data from the MCGA.

  • 13:50:48
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    China's Taiwan imported 5.70 Mt of coal in Jul, falling 5.88% YoY and 3.43% MoM, taking the total coal imports to 34.68 Mt in Jan-Jul, down 5.79% YoY, preliminary customs data showed.

  • 10:10:43
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    China's PPI fell 4.4% YoY and 0.2% MoM in July; the CPI fell 0.3% YoY, compared with flat in June, yet up 0.2% MoM from a 0.2% fall a month ago, NBS data showed on Aug 9.

  • 09:41:57
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    Mongolia's coal exports totaled 34.00 Mt during Jan-Jul of 2023, surging 22.95 Mt or 207.66% YoY, which were worth $4.96 billion, up 60.18% YoY, according to the latest data from the MCGA.

  • Tuesday August 08,2023
  • 17:04:38
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    NW China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region had delivered 62.74 Mt of coal via railway in H1 of 2023, rising 8.5% YoY, local media reported. The outbound coal shipments rose 13.8% YoY to 26.52 Mt.

  • 15:43:36
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    Australia's Newcastle port exported 13.37 Mt of coal in Jul, surging 73.01% YoY and up 0.97% MoM, while export value fell 45.99% YoY and 25.54% MoM to A$2.17 B, showed latest data from Port of Newcastle.

  • 13:50:02
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    Indonesia exported 42.465 Mt of coal in Jul, dipping 0.02% from 42.47 Mt last year and up 6.78% from 39.77 Mt in Jun, showed cargo-tracking data from Kpler.

  • 13:30:26
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    China's coal imports totaled 39.26 Mt in Jul, jumping 66.9% or 15.74 Mt YoY, but down 1.53% or 0.61 Mt MoM, showed data from GAC on Aug 8.

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